Kynita s.r.l. este o societate romanesca cu capital integral privat si are ca domeniu de activitate importul si distributia materiilor prime,microambalarea produselor chimice si vanzarea pesticidelor.

Kynita s.r.l, Rāmnicu Vālcea, Prundului 78C Str.

Phone/ Fax: +40 350 42 19 61, +40 250 71 09 61


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The copper sulfate or the blue vitriol is used for dusting the vegetables, fruit trees, grape wine against the blight. The blight is fought against by repetitive dusting (weekly) with a solution (bordoleza liquid) with a concentration of 0.75-1% of copper sulfate and 0,5-0,75% quick lime or 1-1,5% slack lime dough. The copper sulfate (blue vitriol) is dissolute separately in hot water, then it is mixed with the lime solution and is completed with the rest of the water. The prepared solution is used in maximum 12 hours.